Exposure, Influence And Trademark Protection In The Era Of Social Media

Author:Ms Monique Ferrer

Through the years, different generations of consumers have witnessed the evolution of marketing and advertising strategies of trademarks, regardless of the nature of the goods and/or services that these trademarks identify.

What years ago was considered a highly successful and efficient advertising campaign, may nowadays cause more of a loss of the money invested in traditional mass media, than the profit resulting of such campaign.

Not so long ago, in order to give exposure to a brand, the trademark owners ought to to invest considerable amounts of money through their branding, marketing and advertising teams to handle advertising campaigns that consisted mainly in TV commercials, publication in printed newspapers or magazines, billboards, radio publicity and related, which costs were high. Even though these exposure and diffusion methods for trademarks are still being used to this date (and still efficient), it is not a secret that since the advent of the Internet and the social media phenomenon, the marketing and exposure of brands have had to be reinvented in order to reach certain consumers.

Within the last two decades, when access to online information in real time became essential in our daily lives, its influence has not only transformed the way in which the consumers receive the information in the sea of possibilities and alternatives to search for products or services of their interest, but the way that is now perceived that information also changed completely, to a point that perhaps 30 years ago would have been considered unthinkable.

Social media in general has not only made us more consumerists, but has also granted us access to products/services/information, which would have not been received by us before, and certainly not in real time like today.

Given this evident change, companies and teams in charge of branding, marketing, publicity and diffusion of trademarks have found themselves forced to enter the trend (that actually is no longer a trend but a reality that came to stay) of offering products and/or services through social media, in a completely different fashion than what before would have been the logical or traditional way.

Currently, IP holders -from an artisan that works and designs from home, to the big multinational companies-, regardless of the size or capacity of the businesses and their respective budgets for marketing and advertising, have infinite possibilities to publicize and share their products or...

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