New Requirements To Request Rehabilitation Of Permanent Residence Permits In Panama

Author:Ms Albalira Montufar
Profession:Morgan & Morgan

Resolution No. 17405 of August 29th, 2019.

As of September 4TH, 2019, The National Immigration Authority (hereinafter "SNM" for its acronym in Spanish) established new requirements to request Rehabilitation of Permanent Residence Permits (hereinafter "Rehabilitation") for foreigners, who have remained outside of Panama for more than two (2) years and up to six (6) years.


Foreigners to whom SNM has canceled their permanent residence permit for been absent of Panama for more than two (2) years and up to six (6) years, can request the restitution of their permanent residence permit through the Rehabilitation process, with simplified requirements. Previously, to request Rehabilitation, the foreigner had to submit (i) all the requirements of the immigration category previously approved, duly updated; and (ii) an affidavit given before Public Notary stating the reason why the person was absent from Panama. Resolution No. 17405 of August 29th, 2019 provides that Rehabilitation can be requested with the following documents: Copy of the permanent residence permit resolution or copy of the permanent resident card issued by SNM...

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