Regulations Applicable To Tax Deductions From School Expenses

Author:Ms Angelica Ortiz
Profession:Morgan & Morgan

Law 37 of June 5, 2018, adds line 9 to article 709 of the Fiscal Code, which is related to the annual income tax deductions to which natural persons are entitled, regarding school expenses incurred by the taxpayer with respect to their dependents. Additionally, Executive Decree 368 of December 26, 2018 and Resolution No. 201-1635 of May 13, 2019, establish the regulations applicable to the deduction of said expenses.

From the regulations indicated above, we highlight the following aspects:

School expenses, including tuition and school fees, supplies, uniforms and school transportation, incurred by taxpayers with respect to their minor dependents, will be deductible from the taxable income. School expenses related to the payment of tuition and credit hours incurred by taxpayers with respect to their dependents of legal age who are still under their tutelage, attending third-level or higher education. The deduction may be up to a maximum annual amount of B/.3,600.00, for each dependent; and may also be applied to taxpayers who pay for their own studies, as long as they submit their tax return declaration. Employees who pay Income Tax, in order to make the deduction, must: i) submit an affidavit of the fiscal period in which they incurred those expenses...

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