This Is Why You Should Move To Panama

Author:Mr Ricardo Cambra La Duke
Profession:CLD Legal

At CLD Legal, we have a practice in Immigration Law for almost 20 years, and during this time, we have dealt with clients of all kinds. Those who seek to retire in our country. Those who are looking for a stable, safe country to settle their family. Those who come to establish a business. And people who work for multinational companies and need to obtain their visas to live and work in our country.

We have already mentioned it in other articles. Although it sounds trite, Panama has it all, warm weather throughout the year, beaches, mountains, good food, great internet, and air connection. Still, above all, it has stability, both political and economical. Panama is a proud member of a select group of Latin American countries (Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru) that have Investment Grade.

The fact is that our country welcomes all foreigners who want to emigrate to it and lead an honest and hard-working life. From a legal point of view, there are different visa categories: non-resident, temporary resident, and permanent resident. Within these, there are also subcategories such as short-stay visas, those issued for particular policies, for economic reasons, demographic reasons, for labor reasons, among others.

The truth is that you must inform us in advance of the reason to emigrate, your age if you migrate alone, and if you do it with your family, how many members make it up, your budget, and the most important fact: your nationality. These data allow us to analyze your case and determine the type of Visa you can access if your budget is sufficient or not, and if your goals are attainable.

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