We Are Among The 10 Best Countries To Visit In 2019

Author:CLD Legal
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Panama again appears in a list of countries that are worth knowing for their tourist attractions, this time according to the new edition of the Lonely Planet travel guide, one of the largest travel guides in the world. Our country is ranked number four in the "Best in Travel 2019: the 10 best countries" ranking.

This ranking shows a brief overview of each country, among which: Sri. Lanka, Germany, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Indonesia, Bielorruisia and many more; attractive photographs of the tourist sites of each territory are also shown, and in Panama the colorful coral reefs in Bocas de Toro stand out.

The administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), said that the country is pleased and grateful to be taken into account in this edition of the travel guide, as it is important that it is recognized as a tourist emblem for tourists. Travellers.

Another of the relevant elements that are mentioned about Panama are its treasures; like its white sand beaches, tropical forests, misty highlands and its indigenous...

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